Ahh.Remember When..


    Name: - My babies..
    Birthdate: - Thursday, April 14 2005
  • Nicole Kathleen: 15 Years Old, Birthday is 12/18/94
  • Emily Danielle: 6 Years Old: Birthday is 7/7/03
  • Aiden Daniel: 4 Years Old: 4/14/2005

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(Sunday, January 17 2010)

December 2009 : you sneaky minx. Here and gone before I knew it. Christmas this year was ULTRA organized due to the Spankster not having a job. WE are her job. All the children got EXACTLY what they requested. ...more

(Wednesday, December 2 2009)

Let''s recap November 2009 shall we? National Lampoon''s "annual Family Trip to Disney" 2009 was to take place Nov 7th to the 17th. Emily and Aiden came down with the flu EXACTLY 7 days prior to that. So we ...more

(Wednesday, October 21 2009)

O. My. So September came and went really fast. School and I are still fighting it out on the best way to schedule my time. Cole, Emily, and Aiden all go to different schools at different times and all ...more

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